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Protect and secure your data in one of our state-of-the-art data centres

Consolidate and simplify your hosting and infrastructure requirements, right here in Atlantic Canada.

Access our world-class solution on the region's fastest network

Get coordinated network and data centre management - exclusively from Bell Aliant. We manage your network and IT infrastructure, so you can manage your business


  • Get 24/7 on-site technical support when you need it
  • Access full server management with in-house maintenance and trouble resolution


  • Count on our guarantee to secure your data with integrated state-of-the-art access to Managed Security solutions
  • Get industry-standard power and cooling, backed by redundant UPS and generators

Redundant infrastructure

  • Access a fully-redundant, private and dedicated cloud-based network
  • Your data is always available online supported by the largest network


  • Scale your computing power, network resources and data storage to match your changing business needs
  • Grow both your power and bandwidth consumption as you need it

Choose from 3 levels of data centre management

From 100% Bell Aliant stored and managed to self-managed with support

Bell Aliant Virtual Server

  • Get a reliable, scalable, and cost-effective alternative to traditional server computing
  • Grow your computing power, network resources and data storage to match your changing business needs
  • Save the cost of acquiring and hosting physical equipment, as well as powering, cooling and maintaining servers
  • Choose the solution that's right for your business with a selection of packages and additional upgrades

Managed Co-location

  • Save time, money, and manpower - we supply the secure space, power, cooling and connectivity at a fraction of the cost of provisioning your own location and take on critical tasks such as backups
  • Get 24/7 management and monitoring


  • Locate your server cabinets in our state-of-the-art facility and retain 100% control
  • Manage your own servers while taking advantage of our secure space, power, cooling and connectivity

When you co-locate your services in one of our Data Centres, we provide a high level of security for your hardware, applications and data.

For this reason, when you are requesting a change to your co-located infrastructure, email us a Data Centre - general request form detailing your contact information and the nature of your change request.

Please use the Send by email button to submit your completed Data Centre - general request form to our Data Centre Support team.

Examples of the kinds of changes that can be requested using this form include:

  • Making a change to your colocated IT infrastructure, such as getting a Data Centre technician to:
  1. Reboot a device
  2. Investigate the status of a device
  3. Accept a delivery of equipment
  • Arranging a visit to a Data Centre

Fill out the Data Centre - general request form
Request a contact

OR Contact your Account Manager

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